USPS International Mail Tracking

Why Choose the USPS Company for International Tracking?

The United States Postal Services is one of the finest mail handling and item or consignment delivery company operating in America that serves its customers both at national and international level.

To boost the sale, to add value to the business, to increase the target market or to serve customers internationally, most of the U.S based companies or brands are availing consignment delivery services of the USPS Company.

For international trading and e-commerce purposes, the USPS Company is serving its client with numerous benefits including

  • The company provides all its consignments or items delivery services from America to other countries in the most productive and timely manner.
  • The USPS Company makes sure to deliver all its products to other countries with top and high-quality services.
  • The United States Postal Services Company delivers the best customer experience for international trading and e-commerce purposes.
  • The USPS Company has a team of extremely productive employees that are dedicated to solving all tracking and other issues related to international trading. They are fully trained to rectify all tracking issues of international trading in the most dynamic manner.
  • The United States Postal Service Company ensures to incorporate information and technology together to get the desired results from international trading of the products.
  • The USPS Company has complete know-how and information that which things are restricted or prohibited in different countries due to their cultural and religious boundaries.
  • The USPS Company offers the best understanding that how the company or brand must sell its product at the international level.
  • The USPS Company offers its unique and matchless international delivery services for both personal and business products

USPS International Mail Tracking

The USPS International mail tracking varies considerably depending on the country in which you want your products to get delivered.

It also mainly depends on the scanning limitation and capabilities of other countries. In international shipping of products or consignments, the postal rules of each country are different.

The tracking update information has also different rules in various countries depending on the international trade restrictions of the countries.

For instance, if you purchase USPS priority mail service or USPS priority mail expresses services for the domestic item delivery from one location to another then you will automatically get the tracking update details of your deliverable product through priority mail tracking services.

Conversely, the priority mail international services of the USPS Company gives tracking services to a limited number of products.

The main reason of not having tracking facility on all the international products is that when the deliverable product enters in the other country outside the U.S. borders, the rule and limitations of tracking of that country applies on the deliverable products.


USPS International Mail Tracking Facilities

The United States Postal Service Company offers a wide range of option to its customers so that they can do the most convenient and best suited international shipment of their products.

The tracking facility for international consignments or packages mainly depends on the different mail categories offered by the company.

The USPS Company offers four mail class options to its valuable clients and each mail class has its own limitations of shipment tracking.

  1. Global Express Guaranteed
  2. Priority Mail International
  3. Priority Mail Express International
  4. First Class Mail International

Keep reading this article to understand the in-depth detail of shipment tracking that USPS offers under each mailing option.

  1. Global Express Guaranteed

The Global Express Guaranteed is a mail class that offers the fastest shipping of international packages or consignments. The USPS Company offers the most competitive and affordable rate under this category for international shipments.

Packages or consignments that are shipped under the Global Express Guaranteed mail class comes with specified date delivery and money back guarantee. This mail class takes 1 to 3 business days to get the product to deliver in another specified destination country.

With the help of this mailing option, companies can transfer their products to over 190 countries worldwide.

The most useful feature of the Global Express Guaranteed is that it offers detailed shipment tracking information for all destinations. This aids you to get end to end details where your international shipment is during the whole delivery process.

  1. Priority Mail Express International

The Priority Mail Express International is best suited to get an international shipment with the fastest and the most reliable method. Internationally, this mail class also incorporates more than 190 countries in which you can get your product delivered.

The stated delivery time of Priority Mail Express International is with 1 to 3 business days. This mailing option of the USPS Company includes tracking facilities to limited destinations.

You can purchase the priority mail express international option to avail money back guaranteed and insurance facilities.

This comprises of up to $ 100 insurances for shipments includes documents and up to $ 200 insurance for any merchandise lost or missing item.

  1. Priority Mail International

The Priority Mail international offers consistent and economical delivery of international shipments to over 190 countries.

If you purchase USPS Priority Mail International for your international shipment, then you must expect t to get your product delivered within 6 to 10 business days.

The USPS tracking facility under the Priority Mail International is limited to some particular destinations. Like other mail categories, the priority mail international also offers insurance for both non-negotiable documents and merchandise loss.

  1. First Class Mail International

The United States Postal Services has particularly designed this mail class which can be used to do international trade or shipment of postcards, large envelops and letters.

This mailing class is known as the most affordable and competitive international shipment facility by the USPS Company.

The price of this mail category depends on the size, weight of the document and also to the destination where it has to get delivered. The USPS tracking facility under first-class mail international is limited and restricted based on the specified destination.

Mail category The USPS tracking Facility Tracking Number Sample Delivery Time Period
Global Express Guaranteed


Tracking to all destinations 92 000 000 00 1 to3 business days
Priority Mail Express International


Tracking facility to limited destinations EC 000 000 000 US 1 to 3 business days
Priority Mail International


Tracking facility is limited CP 000 000 000 US 6 to 10 business days
First Class Mail International


Tracking facility is limited LZ 000 000 000 US Delivery time varies depending on the destinations.

Above is the table that depicts in detail the USPS tracking facility under each class category.

Bar Code shows the USPS International Mail Tracking

A very convenient and creative way to find the tracking status regarding your international shipment is to understand the bar code number attached to the deliverable product.

If the barcode number on international consignment or shipments starts with letter “E” or “C”, then you can have full tracking detail through the delivery process till it reaches the final destination.

But if your international consignment has a barcode that starts with the letter “L” then you can only get limited tracking facility that varies according to the final destination of that product.

Where to find the USPS International Mail Tracking Number

Mostly, if you are purchasing the USPS international mail services, then the custom is also the label or tracking number of your international shipment.

The shorter tracking number or customs form is attached on your international consignment and if you have longer tracking number or customs form then it must be attached in the Customer Declaration Envelope.

Typically, this envelop is attached to your package where the address is available. With the help of this tracking number, you can comfortably track all your international shipments with just one click.

You can obtain the USPS tracking information of your international shipments with the following methods

  1. You can go to the official website of to check tracking updates. In the “Track and Manage “option available on the main page, you can get the required details just by entering your tracking number. Moreover, you can register yourself on the website by creating an account and can obtain the latest status updates of international shipment tracking
  2. You can also install the official tracking app of the company on your smartphones. This aids in reaching to your desired USPS International Mail Tracking updates without any place or time limitations.
  3. Another way to track your international shipment is to contact the company by calling on their official number. Their number is 1800-ASK-USPS. You must tell your international mail tracking number to obtain the latest tracking updates.
  4. Last but not the least; if you do not want to call or have limited internet connectivity then you can get the international mail tracking updates just by sending a text to their official number i.e. 28777.

USPS International Mail Services

With the advancement of technology and e-commerce, the use of USPS international tracking has been increased tremendously.

According to the record, the e-commerce sale was more than $ 2.3 trillion in 2017 and is expected to reach more than $ 4.88 trillion in 2021.

Due to the enormous use of e-commerce, and technology, the demand of USA made products has increased terrifically.

Any organization, manufacturer or brand operating in America cannot overlook the significance of international trading.

Worldwide trading and international customers have accounted to make more than 90 percent of the global market.

For the purpose of international trading and consignments delivery, every organization wants an agency which can complete the delivery process in the most efficient and reliable manner.

The United States Postal Services Company is famous for its incredible mail handling and item delivery services both nationally and internationally.

The USPS Company understands the connotation and significance to deliver products or consignments in other countries with high quality and reliable services.

The massive growing segment of international buyers has compelled all brands operating in America to sell their products at the international level.

About USPS

The United States Postal Services Company has been operating in mail handling and item delivery industry for more than 45 years.

The USPS Company incorporates almost 153 million postal addresses all around the United States of America. More than 80 % of America’ population the USPS Company services to get their mail delivery from one destination to another.

In addition to its services in the domestic sector, the United States Postal Service Company is also remarkable and incredible independent agency in making international mail tackling and consignments deliveries.

According to the survey, more than 60 % of the world’s mail handling and item delivery is managed by the USPS Company.

Currently, the United States Postal Services Company has more than 40,000 retail offices and is one of the few government organizations that are officially approved by the United States Constitutions.

This company laid its foundation on July 1, 1971, at Washington, United States of America. It’s main headquartered is still in Washington, D.C. Currently, more than 644,124 employees are working in the USPS company.

All employees are fully skilled and highly trained to conduct all operations of mail handling and delivering effectively. The United States Postal Service Company is directing all its activities with the help of more than 211,264 vehicles all over America.

This mail handling and item delivery company is a quasi-government organization with the exclusive authority to process and deliver first-class and third-class mail handling and item delivery service.

All the processes and tasks of the USPS Company are based on its revenues and not on taxes. As of 2017, the estimated revenue of the company was approximately US $ 69.636 billion.

The United States Postal Service Company is legally responsible to serve all around America irrespective of any geography and quality limitations. The company possesses the biggest civilian vehicle fleet around the globe. With the help of the services of mail handling and item delivery, the USPS Company has gained a privileged to promote business growth of the United State of America. Either any user wants to get their products delivered for their personal motives or want to deliver their products to boost the sale of the business, the USPS mail handling, or product delivery services are the best option to avail.


Every other company wants to boost its sale or to achieve its organizational goals by reaching more customers around the globe.

The United States Postal Services allows such companies by delivering their products internationally. Without any doubt, the company conducts all its international mail handling and packages delivery operations with full dedication and productivity.

The company offers four different mail categories through which you can choose to get your product to deliver in other countries.

The most remarkable feature of the USPS International Mail services is, it provides tracking information to its users. this tracking facility permits them to have an end to end item tracing details.

There are some limitations or restrictions for the USPS International Mail Tracking services. you must choose a mail category that best suits your organizational or personal motives.

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