Among all other mail handling options offered by the USPS Company, most of the customers are utilizing the USPS package intercept services.

The basic purpose of the USPS package intercept services is to permit its buyer to redirect or return the deliverable package or mail piece before it reaches the final specified destination.

This package intercept option is applicable on flats, letters and on all packages that contain a barcode.

The USPS package intercepts can be only applied for those packages or shipments which are in the process of the delivery and are not delivered yet.

The USPS package intercept is equally productive for both sender and the recipient of the mail piece that allows both parties to hold the package for pickup or to send it back to the sender.

The USPS company charge fee for all its activities involved in the redirection proves of the mail piece. The company is offering this USPS package intercept option for two categories

  1. Domestic residential
  2. Domestic Commercial

 One important thing to highlight is that this USPS package intercept mail handling feature is only designed for domestic users.

Any client outside the borders of the United States of America cannot redirect their international shipments. Keep reading this article to understand the working procedure and cost involved to redirect your shipment through purchasing the USPS package intercept.

The Process of the USPS Package Intercept

Once you will request for the package redirection or purchase the USPS package intercept service, the deliverable items or packages get intercepted at the delivery location that is Post Office and then the package gets the return to the sender.

The USPS Company also holds the package for pickup from the Post Office. You have to clearly state or specify your interception requirements while purchasing this service.

It is essential to understand that the USPS Package Intercept services are not applicable to each domestic shipment. There are certain dictated rules, limitation and conditions that are applicable on the USPS package intercept mail handling option.

You need to completely comprehend those conditions before applying for the intercept of your residential or commercial package.

Conditions for the USPS Package Intercept

The package redirection or intercept facility offered by the United States Postal Service Company does not come with any guarantee or insurance. You must understand the following official condition for the USPS package intercept

  • The first thing before you purchase the USPS package intercept service is, you must make sure that your package, item or shipment is eligible for redirection.
  • This can be done through either using the eligibility checker or the USPS tracking feature. You can find both these options on the official website of the company i.e.
  • One rule of thumb for checking that whether you can use the USPS Package Intercept service for your product is that the redirection is applicable on all domestic tracking number except for the label number that starts with digits 92 or 93.
  • If you find the eligibility of your consignment for the USPS package intercept then you can conveniently redirect it even if it’s in the last stage of the delivery process or even if you are receiving item tracking updates on your dashboard.
  • The second vital condition of buying the USPS package intercept is that you must have an account or you must be a registered member on the authorized website at
  • The compulsion of account is applicable for both sender and receiver of the mail piece.
  • Also, you must have entered the details of your credit card or debit card before processing for the USPS package intercept.  The card information is used to make the payment or the postage fees assigned with the purchase of the USPS Package Intercept.

To make your account, you must visit On the landing page, you can see the option to get registered or to sign in on the top right of the page.

Once you will make your account, you can easily send the USPS Package Intercept request to the company.

Your package will be redirected according to your priorities and specifications. But if that package has already been delivered to the address, then you can redirect it. You can use the USPS Package Intercept for two options

  1. You can return the mail piece to its sender or
  2. You can hold the mail piece at the delivery location of Post Office that can be picked up later.

All the shipments under the process of interception or redirection are get relabeled as a new mail piece except for those that are directed back to the sender.

After relabeling, you will be charged with the new postage rate for Priority Mail label. Make sure to check all the process and condition before applying for the USPS Package Intercept, because your package redirection order cannot get cancel or edit later.

Requesting for the USPS Package Intercept

The mail handling option of USPS Package Intercept is available for both domestic residential and commercial shipments.  You can follow the below process for requesting the redirection under each shipment category.

Requesting Process for the USPS Residential Package Intercept

  1. Make your account on the official website at This is mandatory for both sender and receiver of the mail piece.
  2. You must enter your credit or debit card valid information in your profile. These cards are used to perform transaction after you place the package intercept request.
  3. Once you will make your account and become a registered member of the company, you will be getting charged for the postage fee and interception dues. Once you place the order, you cannot undo your package intercept request.
  4. If the package is already delivered to the specified destination then you will not get charged with any intercept fee.
  5. For the aim of forwarding your request of the USPS package intercept for your commercial shipments, you should be an authorized commercial client who must have a Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) trust or debit account.
  6. For the USPS Commercial Package intercept, you must register yourself by making your online account on the official website of
  7. After making your account, you can process your request for package intercept by using the USPS Business Customer Gateway.
  8. If you are requesting the shipment intercept for the commercial package, then you can place the shipment redirection on both individual and bulk basis.

Fees or Dues of the USPS Package Intercept

All the relevant fees or postage dues that are applicable to the purchased service of the USPS Package intercept is only applicable at the time when the item interception or redirection takes place. This only happens when your package gets eligible for the process of interception by the USPS Company.

The fee is applicable on each item that has been marked as eligible for the interception. The company will not deduct or apply any interception fee until you process your request and the package has been found. Once you will register the request for the USPS Package Intercept at the official website, you can find the applicable fee under the option of “Estimated Total” on the dashboard.

The applicable charged fee on the USPS package intercept varies depending on the following characteristics of the package.

  • Weight of the package
  • Dimension and size of the package

At the end of the whole process involved in forwarding the request of the USPS package intercept, the applicable fee will be deducted from the debit or credit card that you have mentioned in your profile. The actual cost may be varying from the estimated total of the USPS Package intercept.

Other Effective Options for Intercepted Mail piece.

The United States Postal Service Company offers various dynamic and useful options or features that you can add while purchasing the USPS Package intercept services.

These options are easily accessible for both sender and recipient of the mail piece.

Whether you want to redirect your mail piece at a new address or you want to place it in the Post Office for later pickup, you can still add different options while requesting for the USPS package interception.

Once you process the request for item interception, the USPS Company relabeled the intercepted item as Priority mail irrespective of its original mail class.

The intercepted item gets the new mailing bar code from the USPS Company. The updates of item tracking details can also be checked by using the original allotted tracking number.

Other competitive options that you can select with the USPS Package intercept are

  • Signature Confirmation
  • Insurance of the items
  • Signature for item delivery
  • Adult Signature


The USPS Package Interception offered by the USPS Company is extremely beneficial when you want to redirect the package to some other address in the United States of America or want to direct back to its sender.

The USPS Company has different plans and fee structure depending on the interception requirement of your package. You can easily request the company of item interception by just creating your account in a few simple steps.

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