USPS Priority Mail Tracking

If you want the most rapid and reliable item delivery in America, then the priority mail tracking of United States Postal Services Company is the optimum solution for you. Most of the companies and students use this priority mail tracking services to deliver their important documents, letters, papers and other things in the quickest possible time. In most States of America, the company can even deliver products overnight through priority mail tracking services.

The USPS Priority Mail service is the fastest domestic delivery facility of America that can deliver any document or products from one destination to another within 3 business days. The delivery time period entirely depends on where the package has been picked from and what is the final destination of that deliverable package. This USPS Priority Mail Service is starting from as low as $7.35 at Post Office and $6.95 at the commercial base. The rate varies deepening on the size of the consignments and destination of the deliverable items.

The tracking of the deliverable item is the most prominent characteristics of USPS Priority Mail services. This tracking feature enables clients to obtain detailed information to track their deliverable consignments or products. When you will purchase priority mail service from USPS, the company will provide you with the specified tracking number of your product. To get any information linked with item tracking, you need to save or keep that allotted tracking number with you.

Usage of USPS Priority Mail Tracking Number

USPS priority mail tracking provides all the details of end to end item or product tracking in the delivery process. These services are mostly accessible for various domestic products of all sizes that are supposed to be getting delivered at any domestic location in America.  Most of the destinations include Army Post Offices (APOs), Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO), Fleet Post Offices (FPOs) and other ZIP codes around the United States of America.

When you enter the allotted tracking number linked with your consignment into the official page of USPS tracking information, you will receive the current tracking status update of the products. The tracking information available on the website depicts useful and prolific information including date, time and location or destination of the deliverable item.

Tracking Number of Priority Mail Services

To get the location update or tracking details of your product, you must have the tracking number allotted by the USPS Company. Your tracking number is available on the purchase receipt which you will get after buying priority mail service from USPS. In addition to the purchase receipt, the tracking number is also accessible at the mailing label of your product. To stay updated with the latest tracking information of your deliverable products, you must save the purchase receipt or you can also copy the transaction number to use it later.  The tracking number of priority mail services typically consists of digits ranging from 13 to 34 numeric characters.  You can access the tracking number or the label in the following areas

  • Your shipping receipt which you will get after the purchase of priority mail services from the Post Office.
  • You can also find the transaction number or label on the sale receipt after buying the insurance services at the Post Office
  • After purchasing priority mail service, you will get the official confirmation email from You can find your tracking number in that e-mail.
  • You can also check the tracking number or receipt label from the confirmation email you will get from the online retailer.

Sample of Priority Mail Tracking Number

Once you will purchase the priority mail services of USPS to deliver your product from one location to another on an urgent basis, you will be given the tracking number to track the position of your product during the delivery process. Typically, the tracking number of priority mail service is a 22 digit number and it looks like 9205-5000-0000-0000-0000-00.

Methods of Tracking your Priority Mail Consignment

Customers want to remain connected with the latest tracking update of their deliverable items. When you purchase priority mail service of USPS, you can get timely data of item tracking through the delivery process. Customers can extract the tracking information with methods stated below

  1. Official website

The best way to obtain USPS priority mail tracking information is to access the official website of the company at On the main landing page of the website, you will find an option of “Track & Manage’ at the top of the page.  Click on the option and add up to 35 digit tracking number of priority mail available at your purchasing receipt. Once you will enter the tracking number or label, you will get all the tracking update of your package. You can check and manage all the mailing and delivery activities of your consignments. You can also change the address of the final destination of the deliverable item under the “Track & Mange “option.

In case you do not want to enter transaction number or label number, then you can make your account on the website of You can get registered by clicking on the option present at the top right of the landing page. It takes a few steps and you can become a registered member of  After creating your account, you can easily check the tracking information and the latest updates on your personal dashboard.

  1. By sending Text

You can also check the end to end tracking details of the purchased priority mail services by sending texts to the official number of the USPS Company. For this purpose, you have to send your allotted tracking or label number on 28777 or 2USPS.

  1. Official App on Smart Phones

The company has designed extremely interactive tracking apps for all smart devices including Android and ioS.  You can install these apps on your phone to stay updated and connected with the tracking information of your deliverable products.

  1. Contacting Customer Services

If you do not want to sign in or download the app, then you can easily get the tracking details by calling on the official number of the USPS Company.  The customer services of the United States Postal Service Company handle all complaints or inquiries effectively. The official number for asking about priority mail tracking details is 1800-ASK-USPS. After dialing this number, you must dial button zero to reach the customer representatives. You must record your complaint by providing them the mail priority tracking number to the company. They can rectify your issues within 24-48 hours.

Features of Priority Mail

The United States Postal Services Company is offering a distinct option to get their mail delivered in any area of America. For quick delivery, customers are preferring priority mail services by the USPS Company. This service provides competitive characteristics to its clients including

  • If you purchase Priority mail services, you can avail free consignments pickup services from your stated location.
  • One of the most attractive features the USPS priority mail services is its tracking system. The priority mail tracking permits the client to get the end to end transfer details of their products till it reaches to its final destination.
  • With the help of priority mail services, you can get your product delivered within 3 business days.
  • The package of priority also incorporates insurance of products for up to $50.
  • The mail priority offers flat and regional rates to its users.
  • There are no hidden surcharges for fuel or rural and residential delivery. On Saturdays, the company delivers products with the same rate.

No Compensation on the Priority Mail Services.

If you have purchased the priority mail services to transfer your package from one place to another, you will get the estimated date and time of delivery from the company. The date of delivery entirely depends on the final destination or location of the package. In the basic priority mail services, if you do not get your product delivered within the stated one to three business day then you cannot claim for your product or cannot ask for any compensation. In contrary to this, if you purchase priority mail express service of USPS then you can avail money back guarantee from the company if the product is not delivered within one day.

United States Postal Services (USPS)

The United States Postal Service Company (USPS) is an independent organization which is responsible for offering postal services including mail handling and products delivery facilities all around the United States of America. Before 1971, USPS Company was initially recognized as the U.S. Post Office Department. Currently, USPS is one of those government organizations that are officially authorized by the United States Constitutions. The USPS Company is also familiar as Post Office, Postal Services and U.S. Mail in America.

The main mission of the United States Postal Service Company is to connect people all around world by offering them the most competitive, trustworthy, economical and productive delivery services. These are services are equally beneficial and constructive for both business and household items. In the United States of America, USPS has earned a renowned name in the mailing industry due to the following competitive advantages

  • The company delivers high-quality and the most reliable mailing services
  • The Company can deliver at any part of the United States of America. USPS is catering to the largest target market and the major target area in the mailing and item delivery industry of America.
  • The USPS Company knows the concerns of its customers. Therefore, it is providing the most notable Customer Services experience. The staff is well trained to rectify all main issues and concerns in the shortest possible time.
  • The tracking system of the USPS Company is tremendously efficient. This system enables customers to track the exact location of their products or consignments during the delivery process.

The Tracking System of USPS

Each step involved in the item tracking system of USPS Company is highly proficient and well-organized. The company has more than 250 mail processing and item delivery units all around the United States of America. Every center has a responsibility to tackle and manage all the operations of mail handling and item delivery in its specified region.  Typically, the radius or the area in which each unit can operate is around 200 miles or 350 kilometers.  All the operations and activities of all centers are centrally connected with the authorized national network of USPS. This network allows all units to remain interconnected with each other through the mailing, tracking and delivery process of the products or consignments.

The company is utilizing a fully technology based automated system to handle all sizes of mails or consignments. Physical inspection is mostly done when the company wants to search for any unidentified address of the deliverable products. The company is using the barcode on all its mailing items which help to identify the destination of the product as it moves from one place to another place. Basically, these printed barcodes are available at the bottom of the deliverable items.


The United States Postal Service Company is a pioneer in offering remarkable mailing and delivery services all around nationally in the United States of America and internationally. The company has different plans designed exactly according to the various needs of the customers. You can select any plan that suits your objectives. To avail the fast and most trustworthy delivery services for the transfer of your important documents and others, you must purchase the USPS priority mail services.  You can easily obtain the tracking facts and details of your deliverable products by just using your allotted tracking number.


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