USPS Tracking Not Updating

USPS Tracking System

The tracking system of the United States Postal Service Company is productively designed to provide complete item tracking details to the clients. USPS tracking system services are primarily designed for large domestic products which are supposed to be delivered to other domestic address. The most prominent location that is incorporated for USPS tracking is Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO), Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), Army Post Offices (APOs) and other zip code areas of United States of America.

The tracking number that the company adds to your mail products will help you to know the currents status of the product delivery at any time. The USPS tracking page includes various useful information including

  • Delivery information
  • If available information
  • Date and time of the item to be delivered
  • Location or address on which item has to be delivered and others

USPS Tracking Not Updating

When customers use USPS delivery service to transfer their products from one location to another, sometimes it happens that you lose your connection to get the details regarding the item tracking information of your product.

The company completely understands that customers get frustrated and annoyed when they do not obtain the updated tracking information of delivery items.

The delay in your product delivery mainly happens due to interruption or disturbance in any stage of the delivery process of the products.

This article will help you to understand the reason for the delay in the item delivery and the methods or ways with which you can know the current status of the products in the whole delivery process.

United States Postal Services (USPS) tracking services are used all over the United States of America, but still, customers have numerous concerns or inquiries linked to the tracking services including

  • What is the allotted tracking number to your deliverable items?
  • How to search for the tracking number?
  • Where customers have to look or to find out allotted tracking number of the deliverable products?
  • Is it possible or convenient to get the tracking details of your packages without using any tracking numbers?
  • How long customers must wait to find out the latest tracking positions of the deliverable products?
  • What other information can be obtained through the allotted tracking number?
  • How to contact the USPS Company to register a complaint regarding tacking details of the shipments? 

Why USPS Tracking Status is not Updated?

If you cannot get the latest status update of tracking or if the tracking status is static and is not changing in your tracking progress dashboard, then you must start showing concern regarding the location of your delivery items or consignments.

Most of the times, you can find the message “USPS delivery status not updated” on your tracking dashboard. This shows that the exact location of your deliverable item is not known or still the same.

When you are not getting any latest update regarding your item tracking then the first thing that you must monitor is your allotted tracking number.

You must make sure to enter the correct tracking number to obtain correct information of USPS tracking status of the deliverable products. You can find the allocated tracking number in below areas

  1. You can find the tracking number on the shipping receipt of the Post Office.
  2. You can have the allotted tracking number on the sale receipt of your purchased insurance at Post Office
  3. You can also find the USPS tracking number from the USPS confirmation email.
  4. The allotted tracking number is also available on the peel-off portion of the Tracking Label. This label is pasted on the bottom of the deliverable item or consignment.
  5. The allotment tracking number is also obtainable from the back of the orange slip that you will get the USPS delivery offices.

If after finding out the correct tracking number, you still get do not get any update regarding the tracking of your item then there must be some problem on the carrier side of the delivery process.

Main Causes of USPS Tracking not Updating

Fundamentally, the USPS tracking system is complete mechanisms in which barcodes are attached on your consignment or the deliverable item to get scanned.

The scanning process takes place whenever the USPS Company transfer product from one location to another location.

The barcode on the product undergoes scanning process numerous times till the package reaches to its end destination. With the help of the barcode scanning, you can get the latest updates of the item tracking on the dashboard of your profile.

Typically, USPS has gained tremendous popularity due to its remarkable tracking system, cost-effective delivery methods, efficient operations, and reliable outcomes.

But sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, USPS Company fails to deliver its products on the stated or promised time to its customers.  There are numerous reasons that you do not get an update of USPS tracking including

  • Scanning of Package is Incomplete

The update of item tracking is only possible if the scanning of deliverable products has been done by any member of the shipping carrier. If you are not getting any item tracking update, there is a high probability that the team of shipping carrier has not scanned your product or your shipment has not passed through the scanning process.

  • Weather Condition

One of the most prominent reasons for not getting any update of USPS delivery item is bad weather conditions. Bad climate situations create a massive hindrance in a delivery process to move a deliverable package from one destination to another. There is a high probability that your package gets stuck during traveling due to bad weather and therefore you do not get any new updates of tracking.

  • Deliverable Items are not scanned at Transitional Stops

There are dictated transitional stops where the company scans the package before it travels to the next destination. If you are not getting any tracking update of deliverable items, then there are chances that the package has not been scanned at any transitional points due to undefined reasons or circumstances.

  • Bad Condition of Bar Code

If the bar code present on the consignment or deliverable product is broken or is in bad conditions, there are chances that you do not get any tracking update of the product. Due to unidentified barcodes, the scanning process does not give accurate results and therefore you do not get any latest tracking updates of your package.

  • Delay due to Carrier situations

Sometimes, you do not get the tracking status update due to the delay in the delivery process from carrier sides. There are other conditions as well which results in the delay of status updating of tracking information of the shipment. One of the most prominent reasons is having public holidays during the delivery process. Usually, USPS avoids scanning during public holidays in order to deliver a large number of products on time.

Guide to get Tracking Update of Products

If you are not receiving any update on the tracking dashboard of for more than a week, then there are high probabilities that your package is stuck somewhere in the delivery route. In this scenario, you can easily contact the customer services of the United States of Postal Services.  The number on which you can ask anything related to your package and its tracking is 1800-ASK-USPS.

When you will call this number, you will be asked to dial your desired extensions or you can dial 0 (zero) to directly contact the customer representative.

You can register your complaint to the customer representative and can ask him to search the tracking details of your deliverable package. You need to provide them your allotted tracking number. They can track the progress of your package very conveniently. They usually ask for 24-48 hours to inform you of the exact tracking situation of your package.

The customer care services of USPS Company are extremely effective and active. There are 99 % chances that you recover the tracking details by just contacting them.

Access to Tracking Information

The USPS Company has offered incredible ways with which you can conveniently track your package. All the delivery information and category of tracking solely depends on what sort of mail package you have purchased from USPS mailing and delivery Company. The remarkable methods of tracking update include

  • Through Online

You can expediently check the tracking details on the official website of United States Postal Services Company at

  • By Text

You can also check the tracking update by sending a text to the USPS Company. You must send your allotted tracking number to 2USPS (28777) to obtain the desired information. Data rates are applicable to these text messages.

  • Using Tracking App on your Smartphones

You can download the USPS mobile app on your smartphones to check the recent tracking update of the product. The USPS mobile app is available for both ioS and Android users.

  • Contacting the Company

One of the easiest methods to know the tracking details of your product is to call on the official number of the company. The contact number for asking any inquiry or registering any complaint is 1-800-877-8339.


United States Postal Services Company is extraordinarily effective in reaching different destinations in all areas of America. Typically, the customer receives their products within the stated period of time. But in some cases, there are chances that your deliverable item might gate late due to various circumstances. You can appropriately contact the company to register your complaint. In case you do not get any tracking update of the product, you can ask for a refund or claim your product from the USPS Company.

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